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   Regional Iris Societies


Canada: Regional/Local iris societies  (updated February 22, 2015)

To find a local iris society near you in Canada please see the listings below of local iris societies and clubs organized by province. Contact the local group directly for details of local iris activities and events.

We encourage the formation of CIS/AIS affiliated local iris clubs and groups and you may list your events on the CIS website. Get some iris gardening friends together, name your club and join the CIS. Create your own local iris sales, shows and other iris events. Have fun! If there is not a local club/society in your region you could always start one! Ask and we can help with some simple guidelines. Providing the info here helps interested people in your area connect with your group and perhaps join. Recent changes to the CIS Constitution have made it much easier to set up an affiliate iris club with the CIS.

CIS group affiliate application form is available in the Membership area of the CIS website.

Please note that the contact listing information changes from time to time. Although we endeavor to provide current and accurate information through our sources, the onus is on the societies to provide the latest information.


London Region Iris Society
(official CIS affiliate group)
Contact: Ken Viner, 1368 Hastings Drive, London, ON N5X 2J3
phone: 519 660-0313 | e-mail: kenviner@sympatico.ca
Please inquire for membership and group activities.

Ottawa River Iris Society (ORrIS) (official CIS affiliate group)
Contact: Maureen Mark, 1077 Guertin Avenue, Ottawa, ON  K1H 8B3
phone: (613) 521-4597 | e-mail: mmark@rogers.com
website: the ORrIS website is not available at present
Please inquire for ORrIS membership and group activities.

Southern Ontario Iris Society (SOIS) (official CIS affiliate group)
Contact: Chris Hollinshead, 3070 Windwood Drive, Mississauga, ON L5N 2K3
phone: 905-567-8545 | e-mail: cdniris@gmail.com
Please inquire for membership and group activities

Prairies Region

Can-West Iris Society (CWIS) (not a CIS affiliate group)
For  more information, please contact B. J. Jackson e-mail: jacksonb@mts.net
Please inquire for membership and group activities.

British Columbia

British Columbia Iris Society (BCIS) (not a CIS affiliate group)
For further information, contact Ted Baker at 250-653-4430, or 185 Furness Road, Salt Spring Island, BC, V8K 1Z7
email: tedebaker@canada.com

North America (USA/Canada)

The largest iris organization in North America and the world is the American Iris Society (AIS), for complete details and information please go to the AIS website located at: www.irises.org

Special Interest Iris Societies
Contact the iris societies listed below directly for full information on current membership fees, requirements, etc.. These iris societies focus on a particular type of iris for those with a more specialized interest. Most of them have their own websites which should contain the latest information.

Tall Bearded Iris Society (TBIS)
website: www.tbisonline.com

Median Iris Society (MIS)
website: www.medianiris.com

Society for Siberian Irises (SSI)
website: www.socsib.org

Spuria Iris Society
website: not available

Society for Japanese Irises
website: www.socji.org

Reblooming Iris Society
website: www.rebloomingiris.com

Dwarf Iris Society
website: not available

Society for Pacific Coast Native Irises
website: www.pacificcoastiris.org

Species Iris Group of North America (SIGNA)
website: www.signa.org

Historic Iris Preservation Society (HIPS)
website: www.hips-roots.com 

Aril Society International (ASI)
website: www.arilsociety.org

Society for Louisiana Irises
website: www.louisianas.org

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