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Articles of Interest - Index (updated February 8 2009)

The articles of interest will change from time to time. We hope you will enjoy these items. Check back here for future new iris related articles as they are made available..

Starting iris seeds: all about how to get them growing.

How to register an iris - official registration instructions

The Keppel Events were held in late September of 2002. This was a visit by iris hybridizer Keith Keppel of Oregon and lectures/presentations that he gave to a couple of iris groups.  Follow this link to an overview of the event...  once there you will also find an interesting article on Keith Keppel.

Iris Borer Information - a compilation of material on the life cycle of the borer,  various control methods. Helpful to the understanding and effective management of this problem in the affected areas of North America.

Iris Poetry - a small collection of iris poems for your enjoyment.

Richmond's Alley Irises by Anner Whitehead - stroll the back streets of Richmond, Virginia in search of some older irises.

Rocky Mountain Hiiiiiigh by Kathy Guest - Visit the majestic Rocky Mountains and the "Mile High City" of Denver, Colorado that was the setting for the 1998 AIS Convention.

Starting Bearded Iris in Pots by Walter Moores - techniques for starting bearded irises in pots to give them a head start in growth. Experiences and results with potting new iris acquisitions for over twenty years

Maine Chance - the Western New York Iris Society (WNYIS) makes a trek to the state of Maine looking for Japanese Irises. 

Alfalfa and Irises - a collection of some testimonials and experiences using alfalfa as a growing supplement. 

Iris Humor Area - some entertaining anecdotes for the fanatical iris gardeners among us... 

Debby Rairdon - a story about how you too could be the hybridizer of an award winning iris. 

Government House Gardens of British Columbia - background on a public iris garden located in the city of Victoria, B.C. 

Advice for beginning hybridizers by Clarence Mahan - tips from a long time expert and authority.